Racing ZIP RAR – Create archives and extract files comfortably!

Racing ZIP RAR is an indispensable tool in your Windows Phone!

Everyone knows that a good archive program in the device allows much easier to work with files. For example, when you zip files – you increase the speed of their transmission. Or when downloading the archive to the device, you can unzip files without any problems using archiver.

With Racing ZIP RAR you can to perform zip / unzip and rar / unrar file operations really conveniently.

Using Racing ZIP RAR to create archives you’ll get the maximum compression ratio. And unpacking of archives will occur very quickly to the place where you need it.

Racing ZIP RAR supports many formats for compressing and extracting files. It is a really universal archiver!

Compress: zip, gz, bz2, 7z, xz, iso, lzma, cpio, ar, lzip, lzop, lz4.
Extract: rar, 7z , bz2, gz, tar, zip, tgz, xz , iso, lzma, cpio, ar, lzip, lzop, lz4.

install Racing ZIP RARIn addition to above written, this archiver has such features as extracting and creating password-protected archives, displaying zip and unzip processes, extracting the entire archive and selected files, support of multivolume archives, setting the parameters of compression when creating an archive.

Install Racing ZIP RAR – and get really desired app for your Windows Phone!

Racing RAR ZIP is also avaliable for the platform Windows 8.1. Racing RAR ZIP in the Windows Store.


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